Quick Answer: How Do You Express Worry In Writing?

How do you describe worry in writing?

WORRYBouncing or tapping feet.Pulling at one’s hair.Second-guessing oneself.Unwillingness to leave a certain place (telephone, house, car)Sleeplessness.Circles under the eyes.A need for control.Illogical fears.More items…•.

How do you express worry in English?

More videos on YouTubeI’m (really) worried about… I’m (really) worried that… … I’m afraid that… / I’m scared to death that… “I’m scared to death” is a more extreme way to express your fear: … I can’t help thinking… / I can’t stop thinking…

How do you show unease in writing?

UNEASECrossing and uncrossing the arms or legs.Drawing one’s mouth into a straight line and biting one’s lip.Excessive swallowing.Clearing the throat.Chills.Pushing food around on a plate.Trying to remain unnoticed (slumping in chair, edging toward an exit)More items…

How do you describe concerned?

Concerned is usually used when you are talking about a problem that affects another person, society, the world, etc., while worried can be used for this or for more personal matters.nervous feeling worried about something or slightly afraid of something.anxious feeling worried or nervous about something.