Quick Answer: Do You Have To Pay For The Real Real?

How long does it take to sell on the real real?

It is in both of our interests to sell at the highest possible price within 30 days to ensure the consignors are getting paid as soon as possible.

Our pricings are based on algorithms, item type, age, condition.”.

How do you shop for the real real?

#humblebrag Lucky for you, I’m sharing some of my tips for shopping The Real Real:Set calendar reminders. New merchandise is posted twice a day at 10 AM and 7 PM. … Create feeds. … Be patient. … Buy in bulk. … Make sure you can return it. … Don’t forget the 20% off coupon.

Who owns the real real?

Julie WainwrightIn 2011, Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright started The RealReal out of her home, working at her kitchen table and visiting consignors at their homes with a U-Haul.

Does the real Real have Black Friday sales?

No, The RealReal does not offer Black Friday Ads Page. We researched this on Nov 11, 2020. Check The RealReal ‘s website to see if they have updated their Black Friday Ads Page policy since then. However, The RealReal does offer coupons and discount codes.

What does the real real accept?

Q: What do you accept? We accept women’s and men’s fashion, watches, fine jewelry, home decor, art and kids’ fashion. Items must be in good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition. For a complete list of brands we accept, see our Designer Directory.

How do you get paid on the real real?

Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is the easiest and fastest way to get paid. Your commission will be automatically deposited into your bank account every month. Site Credit +5%: Receive your payment as site credit to shop The RealReal and earn an extra 5% on your commission.

How much percentage does real real take?

It pays. Receive up to 85% of each item’s sale price.

What is the real real commission?

For items $1,500 or less, The RealReal offers a 55% commission, for example, while it pays up to 80% on fine watches. ThredUp’s overall commission structure is also tiered, but in smaller increments with different prices for women’s and children’s clothing.

How do I cancel my real real account?

There are two ways to unsubscribe. Option 1: You can simply click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you receive from The RealReal and follow the prompts. Option 2: Log in to your account and under Account Info click Preferences and select Email Preferences. What is First Look and First Look Platinum membership?

Is the real real in Canada?

FRR Canada | The RealReal.

How much does the real real pay for items?

When an item sells, the consigning party gets a percentage of the sale price (50 percent for items priced at $200 or below, and up to 70 percent for products that sell for $10,000 and over) and The RealReal takes a cut.

Does the real real pay upfront?

Our sell upfront program allows you to sell select watches, fine jewelry, handbags and sneakers, and get paid upfront, without waiting for your items to sell. You can choose payment in cash or site credit (+10%), which you will receive within two weeks.

IS THE REAL REAL used items?

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment store that used to differentiate itself by saying everything is 100% real. The CEO has said there are “no fakes on our site” and “every single item [is] authenticated.”