Question: Why Do I Want To Go To Sixth Form?

What do they ask you in a sixth form interview?

What do you know about the subjects you are applying to study.

Why are you interested in these subjects.

Why do you want to attend this college/sixth form in particular.

What can you contribute to this college/sixth form?.

Is 6th form better than college?

Sixth forms are smaller and tend to provide more structure and support than colleges. In some cases the standard of teaching in academic subjects will be higher in a sixth form or sixth form college than at an FE college.

What can I do instead of sixth form?

Here are five of your best options:National Vocational Qualification (or SVQ in Scotland) … Apprenticeships. … BTEC. … Advanced Diploma Qualification. … International Baccalaureate. … Cambridge Pre-U Diploma. … Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers. … Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Interdisciplinary Project.

Do sixth formers get paid?

The amount you can get varies depending on your situation and circumstances. But it could be up to £1,200 a year, if you’re studying full time for at least 30 weeks. If your course is less than that, you can still apply but you’ll probably get less.

Do you pay for 6th form?

Legally, sixth-form colleges are not permitted to charge tuition fees for full-time students aged 16 to 18, but each institution is free to charge for registration, exam fees or books and other materials.

Do you get fined for missing sixth form?

You will get fined if your child misses 8 or more consecutive sessions – there are two a day so that’s 4 days. … If they do fine you then it is £60 per child, per parent. And this covers the whole absence not per day. So it is possible the total fine would be £120.

How do you choose sixth form?

12 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sixth Form CollegeThe College’s Previous Results. Probably the most important factor to consider when thinking about sixth form colleges are their results. … The College’s Location. Location, location, location. … Subject Availability. … The College’s Facilities. … The College’s Quality Of Teaching.

Do you legally have to go to sixth form?

Sixth form is not compulsory in England and Wales (although from 2013 onwards, people of sixth form age must remain in some form of education or training in England only; the school leaving age remains 16 in Wales); however, university entrance normally requires at least three A2-level qualifications and perhaps one AS …