Question: What Is The Best Oil For A 4 Stroke Outboard Motor?

How many hours on a boat is too much?

If a boat is 10-15 years old, 200-300 hours is most likely not enough.

You would want to see that number closer to 500 or more for a boat of that age.

Generally speaking, 1000 hours on a petrol V8 inboard putting out 350hp or more in a large sports cruiser (think 25ft or larger) has had a hard life..

Is a 4 stroke more powerful than a 2 stroke?

Typically, a 2-stroke engine creates more torque at a higher RPM, while a 4-stroke engine creates a higher torque at a lower RPM. … That being said, 2-stroke engines are more powerful. Two-stroke engines are a much simpler design, making them easier to fix. They do not have valves, but rather ports.

Can you use car oil in a 4 stroke outboard?

Use the right lubricant —Marine and auto oil are not interchangeable. Although oil in a four-stroke marine engine performs the same function as it does in an automobile engine, passenger car motor oil should not be used in marine engines. Car oils also fall short in the protection department.

What is the best four stroke outboard motor?

Best Outboard EnginesSuzuki DF25. Hour upon hour of testing has proven the reliability and easy starting of the DF25. … Yamaha F25. You’ve gotta love where an engine like the Yamaha F25 can take you. … Mercury 75/90/115. … Torqeedo Deep Blue. … Suzuki DF90. … Yamaha V-Max SHO 115. … Evinrude ETEC G2. … Yamaha F250.More items…•

Is Suzuki better than Yamaha?

Yamaha has more superbikes in their arsenal than Suzuki….Suzuki vs. Yamaha – who is the most reliable.MakerSuzukiYamahaQualityModerateHigher qualityPerformanceModerateHigh performance superbikesReliabilityAffordable maintenance costsCan be pricier1 more row•Feb 20, 2020

When should I change the oil in my Mercury 4 stroke outboard?

Mercury 4-stroke oil change is the start of 100-hour service. On a Mercury four-stroke, engine oil weight and capacity can be found by reviewing the tag on the engine under the cowling cover, or by looking in your owners’ manual.

Do I need to change my boat oil every year?

Oil lubricates moving parts in a motor. … That is why it is important to change the oil regularly. This could be once a year for a boat not run often, or every 75 to 100 hours for one that is. Some boat owners change the oil every 50 hours, especially if they have a diesel.

What kind of oil does a Mercury 4 stroke take?

OEM Mercury 4-Stroke FCW 10W-30 Outboard Motor Oil One Gallon.

Which is better 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

Fuel economy and speed are comparable between two-strokes and four-strokes. Two-strokes tend to weigh less but can accelerate faster. Four-strokes tend to be quieter and have more torque than two-stroke outboards.

How often should I change my outboard oil?

The following steps are recommended to make sure your boat is ready for action: Change the engine oil at least once every season.

How long does outboard oil last?

four to five years”Quick Answer. Motor oils typically have a shelf life of four to five years. There are several factors that can affect the life of oil, such as exposure to extreme heat temperature changes and moisture. It’s better to store oil in its sealed container instead of opening it.

How much does it cost to service a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

The yearly or 50 hours(whichever is first) service for a 4-Stroke including the water pump is about $350-$400 and the first service should not cost you more than $150.

How many hours can you get out of a 4 stroke outboard?

A typical outboard engine should provide 1,500 hours of run time, if it is properly maintained. Changing your oil every 50 hours of operation or six months will double or triple your engine’s life. Running your engine regularly, with proper flushing after each use, also extends your outboard’s service.

Is 4 cycle oil the same as 4 stroke oil?

4-stroke (or 4-cycle) oil is engine oil designed to be used in the crankcase of 4-cycle engines. 2-cycle oil, in contrast, is for mixing in the gasoline to be used in 2-cycle gasoline engines. Since the crankcase of a 2-cycle gas engine acts as a pump, you can’t have it filled with oil like in a 4-cycle engine.

What oil is equivalent to yamalube?

Mobil 1Mobil 1 has all of the additives that yamalube has. mobil 1 is race born oil for f1 racing at over 18000 rpm’s.

What kind of oil does a 4 stroke outboard take?

FourStroke (10W-30) Outboard Oil Specifically formulated and developed to meet the needs of all four-stroke outboard engines. Developed for the rigors of the marine environment. Industry-leading corrosion protection.

How often should you change oil in a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard?

Every 500 Hours500 Hour Service (Every 500 Hours or 5 Years) Replace engine oil, oil filter, gear oil, spark plugs, and fuel filter.

How often should you change your lower unit oil?

every 100 hoursMost sterndrive and outboard manufacturers advise you to change the gearcase oil in your lower unit every 100 hours or once a year (whichever comes first). Clean oil is critical for protecting the heavily loaded gears in your lower unit and preventing expensive damage.

What kind of oil do you put in an outboard motor?

Use a motor oil specifically formulated for the rigors of the marine environment, like Yamalube® 4M for four-stroke outboards, and Yamalube® 2M for two-stroke outboards.

How often should you change oil in a 4 stroke outboard?

Much like how cars should receive an oil change every thirty-thousand miles, your outboard lower unit oil requires changing every one-hundred hours the boat is in operating. Without regular lower unit oil changes, you run the risk of damage occurring in the engine.