Question: Can I Sell A Pegasus Vehicle?

What cars can you sell for the most money in GTA 5?

Five best cars to sell in GTA Online5) Ubermacht Sentinel.Re-sell Value: $9,500.4) Lampadati Felon GT.Re-sell Value: $9,500.3) Albany Buccaneer (Gang)Re-sell value: $9,875.2) Declasse Tornado Convertible (Gang)1) Vapid Peyote (Gang).

Is the Buzzard a Pegasus vehicle?

You do not need to purchase a hanger to buy a buzzard. If you don’t have a hanger it will only appear as a Pegasus vehicle, you will be able to spawn it from your CEO Vehicles menu, and can ask you assistant to get it for a few hundred bucks, the Buzzard will be on the roof (I’m not sure if it teleports you).

Can you store Pegasus vehicles in bunker?

Special Vehicles Others require storage in Bunkers or Facilities or with Pegasus, while some can be stored in player garages. … Certain Pegasus weaponized vehicles can be converted in the Weaponized Vehicle Workshop to “Custom” variants which can then be stored by the player in their own garages.

Can you refund Pegasus vehicles?

Has anyone had succes getting a Pegasus vehicle refunded? No. Sometimes you can contact R* support and get refunded. My friend had a yacht refunded a while back.

How do I contact Rockstar directly?

The best way to contact Rockstar support is to dial their toll-free number, 1-866-922-8694. Most customers use the hotline to voice different concerns with the company. The line works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and the best time to call is at 2:00 pm.

How do you rob an ATM in GTA 5?

There’s one near a bank in Little Seoul at the downtown Los Santos, and at Fleeca Bank in Banham Canyon. Wait for a person to use it. Once you find an ATM, wait for a few moments until a pedestrian walks up and uses the ATM. Do not attack the pedestrian while they are using the ATM.

Can I sell Warstock vehicles?

Answer: You can sell Personal Vehicles, vehicles stolen from NPCs with value under $50,000, and any vehicle purchased from the following in-game sites: …, as long as the vehicle can be stored in your garage.

Can you refund GTA money?

There is no in game refund system. Rockstar support is OK with making sure you get what you bought or earned in game if a glitch or bug causes you to lose it, but I don’t think they would worry about a purchase made deliberately. … After all, you can just make more money easily by playing the game.

Can you put Pegasus vehicles in Hangar?

PSA: You can store Pegasus vehicles into hangar, and respray them!

Can you sell vehicles in GTA V?

You need to find yourself a Los Santos Customs if you want to sell your car in GTA 5. They’re marked on the map with a spray can icon, so find your nearest one and then head to it. … Scroll down to the Sell option, and hit it to sell off the car you’re in and get some cold-hard cash.

How do I get a refund from Rockstar?

How do I request a refund? To request a refund, you must look up your order and then use the request a refund option to submit your request. How do I cancel my order?

Does Rockstar give refunds?

Answer: Digital Game purchases and Bundle purchases from the Rockstar Warehouse and redeemed via the Rockstar Games Launcher may be refunded within 14 days of purchase at the discretion of the retailer. … All decisions whether to refund a digital game transaction are solely in the discretion of the retailer.