HOW MUCH IS NOW That’S What I Call Music 1 On Vinyl Worth?

What is the newest now cd 2020?

NOW That’s What I Call Music!NOW That’s What I Call Music!, the world’s bestselling multiple-artist album series, continues to showcase today’s biggest hits across chart-topping numbered volumes and themed releases.

NOW’s latest numbered volume, NOW That’s What I Call Music.


73, will be released on CD and digitally on 24 January..

Is the Now That’s What I Call Music App free?

NOW That’s What I Call Music has a streaming app – and you can use it for free. … The app is backed by Sony Music and Universal Music and has been created for music lovers who want a curated service including the latest chart hits.

What is the most expensive vinyl record ever sold?

The Beatles – The Beatles (the “White Album”) (Parlophone UK album, 1968) – Ringo Starr’s personal copy (No. 0000001) was sold for $790,000 in December 2015, according to Rolling Stone. This is the highest price ever paid for an album that has been commercially released.

What number is now music on?


What’s My Age Again now CD?

“What’s My Age Again?” is a song by American rock band Blink-182. It was released in April 1999 as the lead single from the group’s third studio album, Enema of the State (1999), released through MCA Records.

What albums are worth money?

Valuable vinyl. Track Records. … The Beatles – The White Album. EMI. … Madonna – Erotica. Warner Bros Records. … The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request. London Records. … Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen/No Feelings. … Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. … David Bowie – Diamond Dogs. … Bruce Springsteen – Spirit In the Night.More items…•

Who owns Now That’s What I Call Music?

Peter Duckworth and Steve Pritchard have been managing the Now! brand since NOW 17. Mark Goodier has voiced the Now! adverts since Now That’s What I Call Music!

When did Now That’s What I Call Music 1 come out?

November 28, 1983Now That’s What I Call Music/Release dateNow That’s What I Call Music (also simply titled Now or Now 1) is the first album from the popular Now! series that was released in the United Kingdom on 28 November 1983. Initial pressings were released on vinyl and audio cassette.

What’s now 97?

what’s now 97 albumStayin’ Alive. N-Trance. Sweat Mix, Vol. … Aicha (Version Mixte) خالد Sahra.C’est la vie. خالد C’Est La Vie.Tic Tic Tac. Carrapicho. Bois de Parintins – Vol 2.Push The Feeling On (Mk Dub Revisited) Nightcrawlers. Push The Feeling On.Missing. Everything But The Girl. … MARIA (Spanish Extended) Ricky Martin. … Where Do You Go. No Mercy.More items…

What now CD was out in 2000?

TracklistI Gotta Feeling. The Black Eyed Peas.Poker Face. Lady Gaga.I Kissed A Girl. Katy Perry.Shine. Take That.Beat Again. JLS.Mercy. Duffy.The Fear. Lily Allen.Grace Kelly. MIKA.More items…

What Now album was out in 2011?

Now That’s What I Call Music! 4040 was released on November 8, 2011. The album is the 40th edition of the Now! series in the United States.

What are Prince vinyl records worth?

Prince Prices Soaring Just days ago, you could find an old Prince vinyl LP selling for $10. Now those prices are soaring to over $1,000 in some cases. A mint, unopened collector edition version of Purple Rain was listed on eBay with a Buy it Now price of $2,500 for a few hours. Some other listing are asking for $1,000.

Are 45 vinyl records worth anything?

If you have a copy in mint condition it could be worth around $1,500. Used copies that have some slight imperfections are selling on eBay for $35 to $200. Mint copies of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” are valued at about $1,500. The version that is worth this much is blue vinyl with a 6-eye label.

What are the most valuable vinyl albums?

The 10 most expensive vinyl records ever soldThe Beatles: ‘Til There Was You’ (10” acetate) – £77,500. … The Beatles: Yesterday & Today – $125,000. … John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Double Fantasy – $150,000. … The Beatles: Sgt. … Elvis Presley: ‘My Happiness’ – $300,000. … The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) – $790,000. … Wu-Tang Clan: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – $2 million.More items…•

What year did now CDS start?

October 27, 1998Now That’s What I Call Music!/Release date